Certified Business Analyst

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FAQ for BA Course

Q. Do I need a degree in IT for taking the BA course?
A. There is not Pre-requisite for BA course. You can join with no prior academic or professional IT experience.

Q. Is this a technical profession?
A. No Certified Business Analyst is a subjective profession and does not need technical knowledge.

Q. What is the duration of the course?
A. The course is 7weeks long. Weekend classes only

Q. Can I take 1 on 1 class?
A. Yes only on availability

Q. Do you offer in class and or online?
A. Yes, we offer both in class and online.

Q. What is the timing for Classes?
A. BA classes are held every Saturday& Sunday, from 11am to 3 pm.

Q. What does the BA course include?
A. The BA course is a real world deliverable program, students are taught what BA are doing in and out on a daily basis. It includes all the academic information
required to be a successful BA.

Q. Is there any certification given after the course ends?
A. The institute does not provide certification but we do give a certificate of completion for the BA course.

Q. Does IT Interns offer Job Placements after the course?
A. Yes, we do

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