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Blog entry by Chris Power

Epson T60 Printer Service Required Software Free Downloadinstmank ((FULL))

Epson T60 Printer Service Required Software Free Downloadinstmank ((FULL))

Epson T60 Printer Service Required Software Free Downloadinstmank ((FULL))

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Epson T60 Printer Service Required Software Free Downloadinstmank

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API Design - Efficient Searching by Boolean values

I am looking for a solution to search by boolean values in an array. This array will be stored in a string, and I want to search the values in this string for matches.
Let's say that I want to find all instances of "hello" in a string, or all instances of "hello to you". I can see 3 ways to search this in an array of boolean values.

Loop through the array and check that each bit is set to true or false.
Bitwise OR the boolean array into a large 1 and 0 string. Search for "hello"
Concatenate the array and do a string search.

The second and third methods are very cheap (obviously) and very quick (obviously again).
Looping and counting bytes is expensive. Bitwise ORing many 1's and 0's is expensive.
Concatenating and searching a string is very expensive.
On a quad-core 4GB machine (nothing crazy), is one of these ways faster than the others?
I would be very interested in knowing if there are more efficient ways to do this, or if any of them are horribly slow. Thanks!


I think your best bet is to convert the string to a bit mask and do the search as though it were an array. The problem with a loop over the array is you have to scan it to make sure you're converting to true/false.
All your methods have the problem of actually concatenating a lot of 0s and 1s if you want it to be very efficient. If you're doing 8 of these conversions at the same time, you've got 8 times the number of chunks of 0s and 1s that will need to be searched through. Not even taking into account that each conversion will be expensive.
If you know the size of the search string ahead of time, you can use the strlen function to find out the number of bits that are needed to represent it. The usual assumption in such a search is that the letters are ASCII characters, which usually correspond to single bits with the most significant bit being one.

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