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Top 6 Sugar Daddy Websites that Rich Men Use to Find Sugar \

Top 6 Sugar Daddy Websites that Rich Men Use to Find Sugar \

To find out what's trendy and what's not, The A.V. Club went to the experts: dating coaches, therapists, and experts on Internet culture.

The Basics

Grace Donovan, a relationship counselor in Pasadena, CA, says that modern dating isn't really new, but people are still getting pretty good at it. "I think that there are things about the modern dating scene that have been done before," she says. "The rules of behavior and the way we go about it may be new, but the scenarios are very similar to ones that have been studied for the past 30 years."

Dating is about learning how to communicate with someone you're interested in, although some people "have perfected this and are a little more cut and dry than others," Donovan says. "Other people still get confused because they have a lot of obstacles in their way. They're not used to doing the work of changing how they feel about themselves, so a lot of times, they have to start over."

How Much Is Too Much?

It's a fact of life, Donovan says, that there will be both a certain amount of awkwardness to dating, as well as a lot of fear and trepidation. In fact, a lot of people are so concerned with potential failure that they are too intimidated to really express themselves and to be vulnerable.

"It's one thing to date someone who is your match or who is good enough, but it's another when you are dating someone who is just interesting," says Dr. Laura Berman, a marriage counselor in New York City. "You have to learn how to communicate with someone who is not your perfect match."

Sometimes, she says, people will be a bit intimidated by the thought of getting to know someone online. "When you meet in person and you see if someone is a match, you are confident enough to be yourself," Berman says. "You are able to be yourself with a stranger who may become your friend in the future."

That's not to say you shouldn't try and get to know someone online, Berman says, but you have to be prepared to navigate the potential pitfalls. "You can't be shy at a first date—you have to give and take from the beginning," she says. "You have to be willing to relax and be yourself."

So many people, she says, have anxiety about dealing with the same scenario again and again. "When people are so bothered by
(For more, read: How to Make a Truly Wonderful First Impression [Even if You're a Little Sad])

First, Make Sure to Practice Talking to Strangers

Research shows that your ability to have successful conversations with others has less to do with your external appearance and more to do with your inner confidence. You may not feel like you're the best conversationalist in the world, but if you're getting nervous every time you meet someone new and an awkward pause occurs, you're clearly not coming across as confident. For that reason, it's important to be around people you're comfortable talking to, whether it's people you know or people you don't know. Just be honest and share a little of your own story when you think the other person is interested. Doing this will help you develop a comfortable frame of mind and develop friendships—and eventually, a potential partner.

By the way, if you want to practice talking to strangers and have no clue where to begin, check out this amazing Google Doc: We're Using This to Find A New Love in NYC. It's got a list of all kinds of people you could talk to including journalists, stay at home moms, executives, bankers, retail workers, and more.

Next, Get Clear on What You Want

We've all had good relationships, and we've all also had bad relationships. That's the truth, and the sooner you learn to set clear boundaries with yourself, the easier your dating life will be. This is also the best time to do it, because you'll have more time on your hands—and more motivation to make sure the next person you date isn't a big disappointment. Here's how to avoid dating whiplash:

Communicate clearly what you want out of a relationship, what you will and will not tolerate. I know women who will only date a guy who is younger and you (okay, me) would roll our eyes and think: What about me, why can't I date someone older? I'm worth it (even though, in your mind, you might be thinking: My God, they're 30 years older and they're fat and this is the worst). And I've dated women who said: I only want to date someone who shares our hobbies or gets along with family and friends. I just want someone who makes me laugh.

Generally, you want to look for someone who is capable of making you happy but who may or may not have something of

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